Alums Alex Siegenfeld LP '15, Matthew Vernacchia LP '15, and George Arzeno LP '14 enjoy brunch with current undergrads.

Here at Alpha Delta Phi, our alumni our valued just as much as our current undergad members. We hold several events a year involving alumns, send out a yearly newsletter, The Green Cow, and always do our best to keep our alumns in contact with both the chapter and MIT. Once you join us, you are, and always will be, a brother.

Resources For Alumni

If you are an alumnus of the Alpha Delta Phi, we have a variety of resources to help you stay in contact with the house and institute you spent four of the best years of your life in.

Keeping this in mind, we have the following resources:

Undergrad Alumni Relations Chair: The Undergrad Alumni Relations Chair, currently Sergio Cuadra LP '21, serves as your most direct link to the chapter. Any questions you have regarding your role as alums, current affairs at the house, availabilty of a guest room for a day or two, or any other issue regarding us can be directed to, and we will do our best to give a timely response.

Alumni Mailing List: All alumni should be on one of our mailing lists, as they are a valuable source of news, contact to the house, and our primary method of distributing the The Green Cow. If you wish to be on the list but are not, please contact the undergrad alumni relations chair.

The MIT Alumni Association: As an alumnus of ADP, you are also an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which itself has a variety of resources available for you, all available at, where you can find information on tech reunions, institute news and events, Alumni orgnaizations, and much more. Be sure to check it out! Also, as a reminder, remember to update your information with the MIT Alumni Association frequently: updated information allows them them to do their job the best that they can.

Alpha Delta Phi International: Don't forget that we are but a chapter of one of the oldest fraternities in the US, and that the international has even more resources for you. Visit for more info, such as the international alumni newsleteter, current news, and historical information.