View of the Lamson Building

Our house is a beautiful 5 story mansion at 351 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA. Located just south of Central Square, we have the benefits of being surrounded by a wealth of restaurants, coffeeshops, museums, and more (including the world-famous Toscanini's right behind our house). Yet we also have the convenience of living near campus, just a 7 minute walk from 77 Mass Ave, 6 minutes from the Z center, and 10 minutes from Kendall Square. Finally, it's a short walk or bike ride into Boston if you want to experience the city for an afternoon or a day. Cambridge in the wintertime (without the snow)

Brothers are easily able to walk to campus in the morning and return to the house for lunch every weekday before heading back to classes in the afternoon. Evenings consist of family-style dinner 5 nights a week, prepared by Chef John, followed by anything from psets to parties to philosophical discussions. Joint dinner between ADPhi and WILG

Unique among fraternities is our relationship with the Women's Independent Living Group, or WILG, the oldest all-female living group at MIT. We share the historic Lamson Building, with separate living quarters (ADPhi on the left, WILG on the right) and a shared patio terrace, backyard, and parking lot. Our executive boards meet monthly to divide maintanence tasks, plan joint events, and resolve any outstanding issues. Naturally, Brothers and WILGlets often like to hang out together; you'll probably meet some of them during Rush!