Rush 2021!

Fall 2021 Rush Schedule

Saturday, 9/4

1:00 PM: Five Bros Burgers and Fries

Come and start your rush with amazing burgers, hotdogs, fries, and some incredible company!

2:00 PM: Hot Tub and House Tours

That's right—we got a hot tub. 'Nuff said.

2:00 PM: Smash Bros Tournament

You know it, you love it—and we've got it! Link up with some bros and take a Pika at our mad skills, or Kirb-stomp us 'til we be PK-cryin'.

3:00 PM: The Magic of Miracle Berries

What do lemon, vinegar, and grapefruit all have in common? They taste oh-so-sweet. That's right, sweet—come find out how ;)

6:00 PM: Wicked Smaht Lobstah-Rolls 'n Clam Chowdah

52 years have passed since the inception of our famous Lobster dinner, oft stolen but never done justice. Come and partake in an authentic New England experience!

10:00 PM: Underground CTF

Meet in Lobby 10 for an MIT tradition: the 75th Underground CTF event!

Sunday, 9/5

12:00 PM: Boda Borg

At Boda Borg you’ll be transported into other worlds. Steal a diamond from a museum or go into a mine where hidden dangers lurk far beneath the grounds. Be a space hero, a farmer, a submarine captain or a pirate – there is so much to experience and everything is possible. SNEAKERS required!

3:00 PM: Fondue, Ice Cream, and More

Deep in the halls of the Alpha Delta Phi, a tasty abomination will be born. Come enjoy some delicious, home-made liquid nitrogen ice cream with the bros!

4:30 PM: Carving Dinner

Thanksgiving? In September!? Why not?

5:20 PM: Ninja Wipeout

Think you got what it takes to be the next Ninja Warrior? From dynamic warped walls to giant bouncy balls, try your skills at a magnitude of obstacles that guarantee limitless fun!

10:00 PM: Midnight Beantown

There's a reason it's open till 4 AM.

Monday, 9/6

11:00 AM: Spicy Ramen and Boba

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the spiciest of ramen, it was the milkiest of boba. (And if you like your ramen mild, we've got that, too!)

1:00 PM: Codzilla Speedboat!

A thrill a minute as you scream across the Boston Harbor at up to 40 MPH, with a few hairpin turns and 360-degree spins thrown in for evil measure.

6:30 PM: Rockclimbing

Come with us to Central Rock Gym Boston for some indoor rock climbing! All skill levels welcome.

9:00 PM: Chicken and Waffles

What more is there left to say?

Tuesday, 9/7

2:00 PM: Pool and Board Games

Come to the ADP house to play some pool and many, many board games!

6:00 PM: Eat Till You Yeet!

Come to ADPhi to rush the right way by engorging insane amounts of food in a private event room at Fire and Ice.

9:00 PM: Super Smash Bros

You know it, you love it—and we've got it! Link up with some bros and take a Pika at our mad skills, or Kirb-stomp us 'til we be PK-cryin'.

Wednesday, 9/8

5:00 PM: Alumni Networking Dinner [Invite-Only]

Come talk to our alums and gain valuable connections and advice to go along with your great meal. Invite only.

Thursday, 9/9

7:00 PM: Tea and Kant

Philosophy discussions over tea!

9:00 PM: Powerpoint Karaoke and Smoothies

We have a ton of slides but we do not know what they are about - all we can guarantee is that we are going to sip on some smoothies and have a laugh about it!

10:00 PM: Board Games and Late Night Psetting

Don't know where to start on your first p-set? Don't worry, the brothers of ADPhi got your back; we're here to help you with all questions, give you pointers, and give you the sugar rush your brain needs!

Friday, 9/10

6:00 PM: Bid Dinner [Invite-Only]