Hello prospective summer boarder! If you’re looking for summer housing then you’ve come to the right place. Below is everything you need to know about summer at ADPhi and more. If you have questions that aren’t answered the website feel free to email and we’ll get right back to you.

If you already know you want to live here, click here to submit your application! Otherwise, read on for more details.

Why ADPhi?

ADPhi offers affordable rates for a spacious, five story house along with many amenities such as a free laundry, a kitchen that can be accessed at any time, and a great group of sociable brothers. We are located less than a half mile from both Kendall Square and Central Square and the local train station that leads into Boston is just a short walk away.

Each room is spacious and fully furnished with a bed, dresser, drawer, and closet space. All utilities are provided and laundry facilities equipped with detergent are also available to use free of charge. We have a fully stocked kitchen: four refrigerators and an industrial-size freezer, an oven, stovetop, and griddle, all complete with cooking utensils and a large collection of silverware.

Each of the top three floors has a lounge with a table, couches, and chairs where anyone can work. Some amenities on the second floor include a flat screen television, several gaming systems, a bar, a foosball table, a dance floor, an LED ping pong table, and several couches. Just outside of the second lounge is our patio equipped with comfortable furniture, cornhole boards, and a hammock, all of which are open to use by all residents. The first floor has a kitchen open for communal use, a dining room, a library, and an additional room with a pool table and seating. The basement features a pub that is used for various social programs, a hot tub, a home theater, a workroom, a music room, a laundry room, and a bike room. It also features a brand new gym with barbells, dumbbells, bench press, and a squat rack.

In addition we provide high-speed internet, free printing, and parking on a first-come first-serve basis. If you want to know more feel free to drop by 351 Massachusetts Avenue and check it out yourself.


A single will range from $2250 - $2850 for the three-month period and a double is $1950 per person for the same time period. Because of space constraints, doubles are in limited supply, so if you’re interested in renting a double, please find another potential boarder who is planning to double with you and email with your intention to double.

A $750 deposit[1] is required upon signing the contract. The deposit will be cashed before the beginning of the summer and you will be refunded $750 at the end of your stay. If you’re not staying for the entire summer then please tell the summer house managers so that they can arrange the cost with you. Upon signing the contract there will be no refunds unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Housing Rules

Residents during the summer are expected to be respectful of each other and the house. As such, they are liable to any damages that result from their activities and will be charged as such. They are also expected to clean up after themselves and help to maintain a clean and orderly house throughout the summer.

All residents during the summer will also be assigned either a kitchen job or a house job. These are weekly cleaning jobs that take approximately a half hour to complete; exact information of the jobs will be assigned at the beginning of the summer. In the event that a resident does not do a house job they will be subject to a fine at the discretion of the summer house managers

Residents are encouraged to throw or help throw social events throughout the summer as long as they notify the summer house managers prior to the event. The house as a whole will throw multiple social events throughout the summer, to which the entire house is invited. These can take anything from the form of a pub night to a cookout to a small-scale party. Residents will be notified of these social events through email and mandatory bi-weekly house meeting. Residents are allowed to house friends for a reasonable amount of time with proper notification sent out to the house.


If you’re interested in living with us for the summer then please fill out the following application. We will contact you and give you more information from that point on. Move-in day for boarders is Saturday June 11th and move-out day is Saturday August 27. If you’re looking to stay outside of those dates, or for that matter if you have any other questions or concerns then please email and we’ll get back to you soon. Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Checks only ↩︎