*A 2nd floor hallway*

Our house itself is one of the most special parts of ADPhi. Unlike most houses and dorms which require members to live in doubles, triples, or quads, all of our rooms are singles! Brothers are free to modify their rooms any way they like and we even provide a 75% subsidy for permanent additions such as shelving or paint.

*Brothers are free to customize their rooms*

We have 38 rooms, spread over four floors of one to three halls per floor and around four rooms per hall. Each hall has its own newly-renovated bathroom, and each floor has a large lounge which brothers use to study, socialize, and relax at all hours of the day.

*3rd floor lounge*

We are extremely fortunate in that our house boasts a huge variety of specialized rooms and amenities. One of our house traditions is for the newest pledge class to do a "Pledge Project" in which they are given free reign and a budget to create a permanent improvement to the house. Most of the rooms below are the result of one or more pledge projects.

*Wall of 5th floor lounge*


The Pub, also known as the Sign Room, is one of the most recently renovated rooms in the house, as it was the pledge project of our 2018 pledge class, Wolfpack. Besides the signs and bar (pictured below), the room also boasts our Foosball table and multiple couches ideal for relaxing on a weekend night.


Need to make, break, or fix something? Our workroom has a wide variety of regular and power tools, a fully-functional mill, and plenty of brothers to help you get started. Past projects include a manmade raft used to watch fireworks on the Charles and an LED dance floor.

Hot Tub

One of our most memorable rooms, our hot tub is a great way to relax after a long day. Originally put in in 1993, it was recently renovated by our 2021 pledge class, the Tuxedos.


In addition to holding all our mailboxes, pledge class Posiedon's project also has a big-screen TV with an Xbox One, a Wii U, and a Rock Band set provided by Eran Egozy (Co-founder of Harmonix, LP '95).

TV Room

Another recently-renovated room, the TV room was the pledge project for our 2017 pledge class, Muses. It boasts theater lighting, three tiers of seating on comfortable couches, and a projection TV for watching movies or playing Smash.


Our library holds our collection of books, textbooks, awards, and board games. It also is where we keep our piano, which sees frequent use by many brothers.

2nd Lounge

The 2nd lounge is our largest room, used for weekly House Meetings, parties, and other social events. When it’s not full of brothers or guests, it’s used as anything from a P90X studio to our IM ping pong teams’ practice area.


Finally, our patio, which we share with the adjacent Women’s Independent Living Group (WILG), is a great way to enjoy the sun in months when Cambridge isn’t seeing record levels of snowfall. It was also the site of our memorable 2014 “Beach” party.